Healthy Snacks For Road Trips

Healthy Snacks For Road Trips

Healthy snacks for road trips: Eating on the road doesn’t have to mean greasy burgers or fried chicken from fast-food joints. There are plenty of healthy snacks to keep you fueled and entertained.

Trade those saltine crackers for a healthier version with more flavor and better-for-you ingredients. Look for dehydrated fruit mixes that are free of added sugars and artificial ingredients.


Crackers are a staple road trip snack that can be topped with cheese, deli meat or nut butter. You can also try whole grain crackers, which offer a good mix of carbs and fiber. Look for brands with less nitrates and preservatives.

Try to avoid the flavored ones, which often contain added sugars. Instead, buy plain or whole wheat and sprinkle with salt or pepper before you head out.

Another option is sliced pickles, which provide zesty crunch without the calories and sodium of chips. You can also pack an unsweetened bag of pistachios, which have a deeper flavor that pairs well with cayenne pepper. Pack them in a ziplock bag to keep them fresh. Lastly, don’t forget to pack some water to stay hydrated.


Whether they are raw or roasted, sunflower seeds have plenty of nutrients to offer on your road trip. They also make for a crunchy snack. However, make sure you check the serving size as they can be very high in calories and sodium.

For a salty option that’s not so high in sodium, opt for popcorn. The healthy variety is made with just three ingredients and it’s delicious!

For a sweet road trip snack, pack some cookies or other treats that are naturally sweet. Just be mindful of the amount you eat as sugar can be very unhealthy when eating on a long-distance drive. Avoid any foods that are high in FODMAPs as they can cause digestive discomfort on a drive. These foods include dairy and anything bubbly. You should also avoid fatty foods since they can make you feel uncomfortable while driving.


Whether you pop your own in the microwave or buy it already popped, popcorn is a great snack for road trips. It’s low calorie, filling, and doesn’t leave crumbs. You can also try a healthier version like Skinny Pop white cheddar popcorn that is gluten-free and allergy friendly.

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Jerky is a protein-rich snack that’s easy to grab and can help keep you full between meals on the road. It is a salty snack, however so be careful about overdoing it.

Skip the overly salted classic mix and opt for a healthier version, such as Smoke Show BBQ or Slow Your Roll — both of which have added omega-3s, cranberries, and nuts (but are peanut free). They make it easier to eat on the go and can be easily stored in your car’s cooler. Then just enjoy!

Hard-Boiled Eggs

If you want a protein-packed snack for your road trip that doesn’t need refrigeration and won’t make much of a mess, hard-boiled eggs are a good option. They’re easy to pack, and the shell acts as its own environmentally friendly packaging.

Another protein-packed snack is beef jerky. You can buy it at convenience stores and gas stations, but be sure to check the label and choose one without too many preservatives.

A granola bar is another good road trip snack that has a mix of sweet and salty foods and will keep you full for a long time. You can also make your own granola bars at home so that you can control the ingredients. Make sure to add some nuts and seeds for a healthy dose of fiber and healthy fats. Also try adding some dried fruit to add a sweet kick to your snack.

Beef Jerky

Jerky is an easy, portable snack that will keep you full and satiated on the road. Avoid the jerky sold at gas stations, however; instead choose one with few ingredients (like homemade teriyaki or peppered beef), and no added sugars.

If you want something a little more filling than the salty jerky, try some sandwiches. PB&J is a classic, but other sandwich options like ham or turkey are good too. Just make sure to pack a few plastic bags for any leftovers.

Fruit is another good choice, but beware of messy options like apples or bananas. If you’re traveling with kids, try packing some individual applesauce cups or opt for squeezy yogurt varieties. These are easier to eat and less likely to stain clothes. If you prefer something sweeter, pack dark chocolate. It’s a healthier alternative to a candy bar and it contains antioxidants.

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As a road trip snack, sandwiches are not only tasty and easy to make, but they also keep well. This is especially important when you consider that road trips often have very long periods of time where you cannot stop to buy food.

Having sandwiches to eat during these times can prevent you from making unhealthier choices such as eating out at gas stations. This will help ensure you are getting all the nutrition you need during your trip.

Try different types of sandwiches on your next road trip. Tuna salad, egg salad, ham and cheese, or even a vegan hummus sandwich are some great options to consider. Or, you can go for something as simple as a classic BLT or a bagel with smoked salmon. Wraps are another great option as they can be easily packed into a cooler and are quick to make.


Fresh fruit is a great road trip snack, especially fruits that don’t need to be peeled or have cores. Bananas, apples and clementines are all good options.

Dried fruit, like raisins and apricots, also hold up well on the road. You can also find dried fruits in rolls or bars, which make them a bit more convenient.

Vegetables are another healthy and filling choice for the road. Baby carrots, sliced cucumbers and celery sticks are great snacking items. They don’t leave crumbs and can be easily eaten without the need for utensils.

You can also eat whole, raw vegetables and use a small cooler to keep them cold during the trip. Hummus, pita chips and trail mix are other snack foods that don’t require refrigeration. They are easy to eat and can be flavored with different ingredients to suit each member of the family’s taste buds.


Whether they’re spread on whole wheat crackers, cheese or deli meats, hummus is a snack that can help you feel full and satisfied on a long drive. Look for brands that are low in fat and sugar.

Fresh fruit is another great road trip snack, especially if you have a cooler that keeps it cold. Strawberries are a good choice, as they don’t require refrigeration, but you could also pack some pineapple, watermelon or mango.

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If you have older kids, allow them to pick out some of the snacks they want to take on your trip. This gives them a sense of responsibility and can build excitement for the trip. It’s also a great way to get them involved in meal planning, which can lead to healthier eating habits once you reach your destination.

Greek Yogurt

While gas station and rest stop food options may be convenient, they’re typically full of fat, sugar and empty calories. Instead of hitting a roadside fast-food joint or grabbing a candy bar from the vending machine, stock up on healthy snacks ahead of time to keep your body in its optimal state for travel.

Pack a handful of high-protein, low-fat yogurt tubes, or a small container of plain Greek yogurt to provide both protein and calcium for your trip. For added nutrition, opt for a variety that contains probiotics to aid digestive health.

Mix up a quick trail mix for your trip with granola, popcorn and unsweetened dried fruit (such as apricots or figs). You can also make an easy apple dip that will satisfy your sweet tooth and avoid the temptation of sugary gas station candy.

Fruit Leather

When you’re on the road for long stretches of time, it’s important to fuel your body with healthy snacks. Avoid overly processed, sugary and fatty foods found in rest stop convenience stores by packing a cooler with healthy snack options or buying non perishable food at a local grocery store before heading out on the road.

Try this easy homemade fruit leather recipe for a nutritious and filling snack that is perfect to munch on during the trip. It can be made with almost any type of fruit (avoid ones with seeds, like berries). Lemon juice is added to help prevent oxidation and browning of the end product. This snack also makes a great addition to a lunchbox. The best part is it doesn’t leave crumbs and requires no utensils! Enjoy it on its own or serve as a filling topping on a sandwich.

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