Best Podcasts For Road Trips

Best Podcasts For Road Trips

Best podcasts for road rrips ribbons of asphalt unrolling in front of your car, a distant destination entered into your GPS, and hours to go until your arrival – few sensations are more exciting than a road trip. Whether you need laugh-out-loud comedies or keep-you-up-at-night thrillers, the best podcasts for road trips will help your miles pass quickly and easily.

The Allusionist

This podcast is perfect for the road trip because it provides fascinating stories about language and culture. It also helps listeners to understand cultural differences and manage them politely. It features interviews with experts and fellow travelers, making it a useful resource for both travelers and non-travelers alike.

The Allusionist is a fascinating podcast that looks at linguistics and language. It’s hosted by British linguist Helen Zaltzman, who interviews interesting people and asks them about their relationship with the words they use. The episodes vary from people fighting to save indigenous languages to a woman who lost her ability to speak after suffering a brain injury. The Allusionist is one of the best podcasts for road trips because it’s both informative and relaxing.

Another great road-trip podcast is Script Apart, which has screenwriters from popular movies talk about their first draft scripts for those films. It’s a fun and interesting podcast for movie fans, and it’s also an excellent way to get inspiration for your next trip.

For those looking to laugh on the road, there’s Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman. The podcast is funny and engaging, and it will help to make the road trip feel like a luxury cruise. Other comedy podcasts include My Favorite Murder and This American Life’s Serial. The first season of Serial focuses on the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, and it’s the perfect podcast to keep you captivated for hours on end.

Even the Rich

With two oceans, five Great Lakes, and 47 national parks, there are many wonders to discover when driving across the United States. But after the fiftieth mile of corn and a dead cat floating over a sink, you might need something to keep your family entertained. These best podcasts for road trips will keep you laughing and learning throughout the trip.

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This fictional podcast from the town of Night Vale treats bizarre paranormal events as just another part of daily life. This hilarious series features Cecil Baldwin hosting a radio show that reports on everything from local festivals and the weather to a cat floating over a sink and the traffic. This is the perfect podcast for a road trip, as it’s sure to keep your family captivated through every stop and traffic light.

Everyone loves a good gossip, so why not enjoy some of the best celebrity interviews and stories while on a road trip? Even the Rich is a fascinating podcast that delves into some of history’s most famous family dynasties. Co-hosts Brooke Siffrinn and Aricia Skidmore-Williams will take you into the world of celebrities and rich people while keeping it a little bit wholesome (at least in comparison to their own lives).

Let’s Go Together

Whether you want to laugh at funny stories or get spooked by the best horror podcasts. There is a road trip show for every mood. Non-fiction shows explore real-life crime mysteries that will keep your car companions on the edge of their seats. While fiction podcasts tell engaging fictional sagas to keep you engaged throughout your journey.

Keeping the kids entertained on family road trips can be a challenge, but this critically acclaimed podcast will keep them glued to their seat with its nail-biting mystery. This podcast follows a man who is investigating the unexplainable disappearance of his friends, and it’s one of the most popular podcasts on all platforms.

Brought to you by Travel + Leisure, this podcast is the ultimate road trip inspiration. Each episode, adventurer Kellee Edwards interviews a different boundary-pushing traveler who will inspire you to hit the road. From a female park ranger in a male-dominated profession to an inspiring deaf traveler, this podcast is full of great stories.

Inspired by a writers retreat where she was the only Black woman. Writer Laura Cathcart Robbins started this podcast to allow individuals to share their experiences of being “othered.” The Only One in the Room has many diverse guests and covers topics from abuse survivors to goths. The episodes are generally more than an hour long, giving listeners plenty of banter and never-before-heard celebrity tidbits to keep them entertained for a long drive.

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If you’re a fan of movies, the British podcast Script Apart is one of the best road trip podcasts to listen to. Each episode features the screenwriter behind a classic or popular movie explaining their original draft script and how it changed throughout the making of the film. It’s an interesting and entertaining podcast for all kinds of movie fans.

Family road trips can be challenging as it is hard to keep the kids entertained for long periods of time. The podcast Wow In The World is ideal for this type of trip because it combines. The interests of both children and parents with an educational approach to various topics. The podcast is hosted by This American Life alumna Jane Marie and Dann Gallucci. The first season of the podcast explored multilevel marketing companies like Avon and LuLaRoe, but instead of being cynical about MLMs, Marie was more concerned about how people are persuaded into buying products that have little to do with well-being.

Another educational podcast for your next road trip is Hidden Brain. It’s a NPR show hosted by Shankar Vedantam and explores human behavior in an engaging manner. He often invites guest experts to discuss their work and applies a story-telling narration to the episodes. In addition to the topics of human behavior, you can also learn about the history of scientific discoveries and errors on the show.

The Only One in the Room

Road trips can be a wonderful way to spend time with family, friends, or a significant other. However, a long drive can make it difficult to keep everyone engaged and entertained. Fortunately, there are plenty of podcasts that can help make your trip more enjoyable.

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One of the best podcasts for road trips is The Only One in the Room. A true crime story about an unscrupulous woman who claimed to have developed. A revolutionary way to test blood using just one drop. This podcast will keep you gripped as the mysteries of the case unfold.

Another great option for road trips is The Thrilling Adventure Hour. A popular science fiction podcast that originally ran from 2011-2015. The podcast has a massive back catalogue, which makes it easy to find episodes to listen to.

If you want a bit of lighthearted comedy to break up the tension of a long road trip. Then you should check out the popular Armchair Expert podcast, which features actor Dax Shepard interviewing celebrities and other professionals. It’s a must-listen for anyone who loves to laugh.

Script Apart

Whether you’re laughing your way through the best comedy podcasts. Getting spooked on an overnight drive with the best true crime podcasts, podcasts are an excellent choice for road trips. With long drives comes boredom. The right podcast can make it fly by, leaving you with more time to spend with family or friends once you get to your destination.

Using a fictional town as the backdrop, Welcome to Night Vale is a weekly fiction podcast that treats bizarre paranormal occurrences as if they were normal. From a cat floating over a sink to an annual festival. This hilarious podcast will keep you awake and entertained on your next long drive.

Another entertaining and informative podcast, Let’s Go Together is hosted by adventure woman Kellee Edwards. Each week, she interviews a different boundary-pushing traveler or explorer. From a female park ranger to a deaf pilot, each episode inspires listeners to take the wheel and explore the world.

Another great option for those interested in science is the podcast Undiscovered. Each episode reveals the story behind significant scientific errors, discoveries, and findings. From discovering helium to learning why the (false) ether hypothesis was believed by 19th-century scientists. Each podcast provides listeners with fascinating information.

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