Funny Travel Stories

Funny Travel Stories

Funny travel stories: Every traveller has experienced bumps in the road. Bill Bryson tries to familiarize himself with his own country by walking the Appalachian Trail. This book is filled with wit and plenty of easily digestible historical information about the areas he walks through.

Don’t Come Back

Sometimes, when you’re travelling, things just don’t go as planned. And while many times these bumps in the road are not fun, they can also make for some hilarious stories. This is especially true when the mishap turns into a moment you’ll never forget.

One of the funniest travel stories ever comes from a singer/songwriter who was under the impression that her boyfriend was going to dump her and she decided to document it in song. The result was a viral hit that will have you laughing out loud.

The next funny travel story is from a couple who went on an unconventional honeymoon in Ecuador and Bolivia. Their journey is heartwarming, and hilarious, and will leave you with a smile on your face.

While you might think that travelling to a remote village in Morocco to get a massage would be relaxing, it was not all that relaxing for this couple. They eventually suffered bites from enormous mutant bugs, a doctor’s office that resembled Chornobyl, and a host who wouldn’t let them leave.

When it comes to funny travel stories, few are as outrageous as this one. While travelling in a remote jungle, this author’s girlfriend lost her camera in the Nam Song River. Normally, this would be a lost cause, but her super-boyfriend came to the rescue. It was all caught on video and is laugh-out-loud funny. The best part is, that you can see the whole thing for yourself on YouTube. It’s a must-watch!

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The Lost Continent

Bill Bryson is a master of the humorous travel memoir, and his first book, The Lost Continent, is no exception. It’s about his side-splitting road trip around small-town America, which he took in 1987 and again in 1988. The book is a hilarious (but sadly also somewhat heartbreaking) look at life in America’s rural and small city areas. The Lost Continent is the book that launched Bryson’s career, and it was the first of his travel books to become a bestseller.

Like many of the other funny travel stories on this list, The Lost Continent is filled with bizarre characters and situations. It’s also fairly violent at times, and it does not shy away from things like a flare gun shot to the stomach, a scorpion duel, a giant hermit crab and carnivorous seaweed fight, or inquisitor-like raiders with balloon accoutrements and inquisitional principles of social behaviour. The film is a pretty wild ride, and it is probably best viewed as pure escapist entertainment.

Uncovering a Mysterious World

Uncovering a Mysterious World
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Although The Lost Continent is not one of Hammer’s most famous films,. It does show that the company was capable of making a wide variety of genre movies. It seems as though the studio attempted to balance its Gothic horror output with some more thrillers and fantasy-themed material, and The Lost Continent fits neatly into that category.

The movie did not receive favourable reviews when it first came out, and its fan base is small even today. However, it is worth watching if you enjoy the humour in the kind of movies that Hammer made during the 1960s and 1970s.

This is a very funny movie, and it should be watched with friends. The Lost Continent is an adventure with some strange characters and prehistoric creatures that should appeal to people who enjoy monster movies. It is certainly interesting enough to be watched for the humour alone. The film is also a bit of a time capsule of its period, as it was made during the peak of the British invasion of Egypt.

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The Bike Ride Around Japan

If you are looking for a great way to see Japan, try bicycle touring. The country has some very interesting bike routes and offers some great accommodations. You can stay at Ryokans, which are traditional Japanese inns that offer onsen baths, and some of them also serve food. They can be found in the countryside and most major cities. These inns are very inexpensive and usually have a kitchen where you can cook your meals, or you can eat at local restaurants.

Another option is to stay in a capsule hotel, which is a cheap place to sleep and offers small sleeping booths for about $26 per night. These hotels are very popular in Japan and are a good choice for people who want to save money on their trips.

In the southern region of Oita Prefecture, our cyclist finds people surviving. Even prospering after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. We meet a peach grower thriving again, and a family that rebuilt their seaside hotel. Shopkeepers who organized a summer festival after two years during the pandemic, high school students continued Fukushima’s samurai horse riding legacy. Three women friends who have staffed a tiny country station together for 35 years.

We also follow a cycling expert who visits Hokkaido. He sees the lavender fields of Furano and experiences the unique Ainu culture. He also goes mountain biking in the island’s wild landscape and tries his hand at rafting on a turbulent river.

From the frenetic streets of Tokyo to Kyoto’s deer-filled parks and the ‘lost in time’ feeling of the Noto Peninsula. This series shows a Japan that is full of contrasts and surprises for the curious traveller.

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The Galactic Freeway

This is one of my personal favourite funny travel storybooks. His stories are situational humour at its best, and they will make you laugh out loud on numerous occasions.

This book is the hilarious tale of Arthur Dent, who gets scooped up from his house. As it’s about to be demolished for a galactic freeway, along with his friend Ford Prefect. This is a classic that’s not just a funny travel story. It’s also full of witty observations and satire that’s bound to make you smile.

If you’re a fan of slapstick comedy, then this is the book for you. It’s the hilarious tale of Maarten Troost, who spends 2 years in Kiribati. A remote tropical island that he calls ‘the end of the world’. A lot of people think Florida is the stupidest place in the whole world, but loyal Floridian Dave Barry begs to disagree. He defends his home state in this funny book that’s full of ridiculous adventures like hunting for the Skunk Ape. Visiting Cassadaga to get his dog’s aura read and experiencing the thrills of alligator wrestling.

This is a fun and informative book that’s ideal for children. Filled with lots of ‘would you rather’ questions and surprising situations. It’s a great way to keep kids entertained while you’re on the road. It makes for an excellent educational tool at home, too. The perfect gift for any travel lover.

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